Glyn Llewellyn
Business Intelligence Consultant


Glyn is a leading SQL Server database analyst and designer in both Australia and the United Kingdom. He has been an active part of the Sydney SQL Server User group since his return to Sydney in 2004. Glyn's specialities are SQL Server performance, database design and operations, as well as extensive experience with SQL Server database administration. Glyn lead a session at Microsoft's premier developer conference, TechED in 2008 on the SQL Server Data Broker. From the session outline:
"Introduced in SQL 2005, SQL Service Broker forms the basis for many of the new features in SQL 2008. People are using it in a wide variety of applications from:
i) Distributed data gathering (retail stores trickling sales into Head Office)
ii) High Availability &/or Load Balancing (every transaction is pushed out to DR & Reporting services) thru to
iii) Spreading out Load Spikes"


SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Data Broker