Geoff Orr
Business Intelligence Consultant


Geoff is an MCAD with over 20 years experience in IT in Australia and the UK. Geoff works in Database, Development and Business Intelligence. He has worked on systems as diverse as government grants, logistics, finance and even rubbish trucks. Geoff believes that data has its own story and loves databases. Geoff has previously worked for Microsoft in Premier Support for SQL Server.

Geoff presented a session at Microsoft's premier developers conference, TechED, in 2008 on MDX. The synopsis for the session is as follows:

"If your brain is wired for Transact-SQL and you're looking for a quick and dirty introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Multi-Dimensional eXpressions then this is the session for you. The syntax looks similar to SQL but does not work the same way. Cubes have far more metadata & MDX takes advantage of that. The session commences with an explanation of the basic concepts and principles underpinning the MDX language, contrasts it with TSQL and then proceeds to describe and demonstrate key syntax, MDX queries and some MDX scripting. Key Topics: Dimensions, Measure Groups and Members, How to do a join, How to add a condition, Where vs Filters. Perspectives, Accessing Properties, A few must know functions."

You can find Geoff blogging over at or here on the Angry Koala Blog


MDX, SQL Server