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Angry Koala began life in 1993 as Paisley Design Group, which was basically Grant Paisley, himself, personally going around and fixing people's software issues. After discovering and becoming enamoured with the concepts of Business Intelligence (then called Data Warehousing or OLAP), Grant set about specialising in this area and becoming an expert in the field. In 1997, Grant took on a few more employees and discovered the newly launched Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of products based around their SQL Server database. Recognising that the Microsoft product line represented a huge cost saving for his customers (as they were bundled with SQL Server the database), Grant decided to focus entirely on the Microsoft products and developing relationships with everyone involved in the Microsoft engineering effort. The company was then renamed Angry Koala in 1999 and continues to serve the Sydney area's Business Intelligence needs with its small army of elite BI consultants.

People and Careers

Good people are the heart of any great company, and Angry Koala continues to attract the best of the best in seasoned Business Intelligence specialists. You can take a look at some of our staff profiles and pictures on our People page. Our culture is one of innovation and quality whilst at the same time trying to make work fun. All of our employees don't just DO Business Intelligence, we LOVE it, and we genuinely believe in helping our customers grow their business through the great power of Microsoft's BI product suite. We get most of our people through referrals and contacts at various user groups and events around Australia, however, if you really think you MUST be part of our team, please check out our Careers page.

Contact Us

We can be reached by mail or telephone at the address below:

Angry Koala Pty Ltd
ABN 58 059 175 898
123 Arcadia Rd,
Arcadia NSW 2159

Phone 1300 55 99 37

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