Event: Angry Koala at TechEd 2008

Grant Paisley - Thursday, July 31, 2008

Below is a list of sessions that the Angry Koala crew will be presenting at TechEd 2008. TechEd is Microsoft's premier developer conference in Australia.

Grant Paisley

Report Authoring with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Explore the SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Report Designer tool. This session is a walkthrough of the many enhancements in the new release. Learn about some of the new Report Designer usability features, how to add data visualizations with Gauges, build complex structures with Tablix, and build richly formatted Textboxs. 

Shh data mining works in Excel 
Shh don't tell your friends, but anyone can use the new data mining add-in for Excel. But if *you* do, you can impress your friend / boss / colleague / mum. I guarantee by the end of this session you will be a data mining guru, at least to your Mum. We will utilizeTable Analytics to find unusual data, troll through customer demographics to find what influences buying decisions, classify customers...

Glyn Llewellyn

SQL Service Broker in Action

Introduced in SQL 2005, SQL Service Broker forms the basis for many of the new features in SQL 2008. People are using it in a wide variety of applications from :- i) Distributed data gathering (retail stores trickling sales into Head Office) ii) High Availability &/or Load Balancing (every transaction is pushed out to DR & Reporting services) thru to iii) Spreading out Load Spikes. Come & see how your company could take advantage of this flexible technology.

Geoff Orr

MDX for a SQL dude (Demystifying MDX) 

If your brain is wired for Transact-SQL and you're looking for a quick and dirty introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Multi-Dimensional eXpressions then this is the session for you. The syntax looks similar to SQL but does not work the same way. Cubes have far more metadata & MDX takes advantage of that. The session commences with an explanation of the basic concepts and principles underpinning the MDX language, contrasts it with TSQL and then proceeds to describe and demonstrate key syntax, MDX queries and some MDX scripting. Key Topics: Dimensions, Measure Groups and Members, How to do a join, How to add a condition, Where vs Filters. Perspectives, Accessing Properties, A few must know functions.

Rob Farley

TSQL Tips n Techniques: Improving Your T-SQL Arsenal

As the quantity and complexity of questions we ask of our data increases, database professionals need to be as proficient as possible with T-SQL. In this talk, see many advanced T-SQL tips and learn techniques to improve your T-SQL arsenal.

For more information about the sessions at TechEd see https://aunz.msteched.com/au/public/sessions.aspx

Event: Report Authoring in SQL 2008 Reporting Services

Grant Paisley - Friday, June 20, 2008
Grant will cover tips learnt building reports in SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, including a walkthrough of the many enhancements in the new Report Designer tool. Learn about some of the new Report Designer usability features, how to add data visualizations, build complex structures with Tablix, and build richly formatted Textboxes. You may even see sperm!

For more details see http://www.sqlserver.org.au/events/ViewEvent.aspx?EventId=340

Event: SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services: Advanced Report Authoring

Grant Paisley - Sunday, July 17, 2005
This session presents advanced techniques for building reports with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and the Visual Studio-based Report Designer.

Topics include

* how to use the built-in expression language,

* report parameterization
(data driven, multi-valued, and hierarchical),

* supporting multiple data sources
(including relational, multi-dimensional, and XML), and

* making reports interactive.

See http://www.sqlserver.org.au/Events/ViewEvent.aspx?EventId=100 for details

Event: Business Intelligence - What will my user see?

Grant Paisley - Monday, June 27, 2005
Ever wondered what Microsoft offers the users for Business Intelligence?

What is possible with tools you already own...

Plumbing - BI Architecture SQL2000 v's SQL2005
Exploring - What tools are best when
Gluing - What do we use to bring it all together

Perception is that Microsoft has a market leading back end in with Analysis Server, but has not had decent front end tools. This no longer true! There are now a range of technologies available including:

- Office Web Components,
- BI Portal,
- Sharepoint,
- Reporting Services,
- Report Builder,
- Excel,
- Data Analyzer,
- Excel Accelerator for OLAP,
- Scorecard Accelerator.

In this session we will explore some of these offerings demonstrating the rich BI delivery platform Microsoft now offers with real world examples.

For more details see http://www.sqlserver.org.au/Events/RegisterMeeting.aspx?EventId=90