Spot - NSW Birds with Pivot

Grant Paisley - Monday, March 22, 2010

I have created an application called Spot for NSW bird sightings with Microsoft Researches new Pivot Technology.

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You can run Spot yourself but you need to Download Pivot and install it first on Vista or Windows 7 - running Aero

Here is a Spot screencast demo...

Run Spot screencast demo

or a lower quality on youtube

I have entered this in the Apps4nsw competition 

Allows you to identify a bird species that you have seen.  Or find birds in you location that are under threat.  Or just experience the variety and beauty of birds in NSW.

Bird watchers, those interested in there environment and the status of bird life. People wanting to experiment with new technology...

Spot is a Proof of Concept based on a 10% sample of species sighting data for NSW from the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water combined with descriptive information from Birds Australia and create common photographs from some helpful photographers at   It could be extended to include all animal species, not just birds...

Note: the need to download special software (Pivot) will not be necessary once the Silverlight version of Pivot is released in a few months, at which point a standard browser will be enough...

Thank You
To Geoff Hutchinson for help entering descriptive info and his photos and the other photographers, Jon Irvine, Julian Robinson, Kip Lee and James Bergamin.


run screencast demo