Event: Grant is presenting at the SQL PASS conference in Seattle

Jodie Miners - Tuesday, November 03, 2009
On Thursday 5 November at 1pm, Grant Paisley will team up with Paul Turley to present at the SQL PASS conference in Seattle. Paul will be presenting on Super Reports: Patterns and Recipes and Grant will join Paul for a part of the presentation to talk about building dynamic reports on Cubes.

Grant's topic will cover how to obtain & present dimension metadata to drive integrated report parameter selection, accessing metadata, dynamic rows and measures and he will be also showing off the OLAP browsing with Spermlines. 

Dynamic Rows

Cube Metadata

Spermlines for 12 months of data

Event: Report Authoring in SQL 2008 Reporting Services

Grant Paisley - Friday, June 20, 2008
Grant will cover tips learnt building reports in SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, including a walkthrough of the many enhancements in the new Report Designer tool. Learn about some of the new Report Designer usability features, how to add data visualizations, build complex structures with Tablix, and build richly formatted Textboxes. You may even see sperm!

For more details see http://www.sqlserver.org.au/events/ViewEvent.aspx?EventId=340