Event: Business Intelligence - What will my user see?

Grant Paisley - Monday, June 27, 2005
Ever wondered what Microsoft offers the users for Business Intelligence?

What is possible with tools you already own...

Plumbing - BI Architecture SQL2000 v's SQL2005
Exploring - What tools are best when
Gluing - What do we use to bring it all together

Perception is that Microsoft has a market leading back end in with Analysis Server, but has not had decent front end tools. This no longer true! There are now a range of technologies available including:

- Office Web Components,
- BI Portal,
- Sharepoint,
- Reporting Services,
- Report Builder,
- Excel,
- Data Analyzer,
- Excel Accelerator for OLAP,
- Scorecard Accelerator.

In this session we will explore some of these offerings demonstrating the rich BI delivery platform Microsoft now offers with real world examples.

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